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Harlan Rector — Portraits

In addition to voiceover work, Harlan is an exciting visual artist. Learn about his work in various artistic media.

Oil, Pastel & Watercolor

A portrait makes an ideal gift for any corporate or personal occasion, especially when a "special moment" is captured. Harlan's portraits capture the likeness and essence of his subjects through an illustrator's sense of composition and design. His realistic style of oil, watercolor, and pastel portraits hang in many homes and offices around the country. If you would like more information or if you would like to commission a portrait, please email Harlan.


Harlan's deeply personal artistic style beautifully captures not only the features of a subject but their unique personalities. For more information or to commission a portrait, contact Harlan at HRector234@aol.com.

Please contact Harlan's agent with any questions.